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Carly Wilding National Folk Festival Budawang


Carly grew up singing & playing piano and guitar, but has only begun performing original music in 2021/22, as well as venturing into the folk music world.


Carly currently performs in folk-fusion duo Morrigan & Wilding with duo partner Kylie Morrigan.  In the 2021 lockdowns, Carly began learning to play harp, and now writes and regularly performs playing it!

Morrigan & Wilding also improvise music for the wonderful Soothplayers: Completely Improvised Shakespeare as part of Melbourne Comedy Festival/ Fringe Festival. 


In 2022, Carly toured to Canberra's National Folk Festival, performing the songs of The Good Girl Song Project's Voyage on the Budawang stage. She also made an appearance on stage with Mal Webb & Kylie Morrigan.


Below is Morrigan & Wilding's debut single, Carly's song Older Than I Am. 

Carly & Kylie met performing in Voyage, with Carly acting and Kylie on violin. They then formed a strong friendship, and even wrote a show (Bumbles & Moz) about becoming a band - before actually becoming a band!

"Original music from the duo ... plays with lilting folk-like subtlety and stunning harmonies that blend effortlessly. "
-Heather Bloom, Australian Stage 

L I V E  P E R F O R M A N C E

Morrigan & Wilding perform Carly's song Little One at their first ever live gig at Open Studio, Feb 22, 2022.

Morrigan & Wilding perform Carly's song Bloodlines live on Kylie's front porch.

Camera by Bree Horwood.

P H O T O  &  V I D E O  G A L L E R Y 

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